This is Rovinj, Istria.

One of the most picturesque towns in the Mediterranean...

This is Dubrovnik, Dalmatia.

Did you know that Dubrovnik was scene for capital city in Game of thrones?

This is Kopacki rit, Slavonia and Baranja

Did you know that it is called Amazon of Europe?

Enchanting beauty in center of Europe tailored made only for you by Sunnea!

All to often we forget to fill up our days with life. Everyone needs to visit somewhere that is full of life from time to time. And Croatia is definitely one of those places! Sunnea is offering only for you all kind of tailored made vacation.

What we are offering to you?

Beach vacation

Active vacation

Continental vacation

Why Sunnea?

We have extensive experience with various requests

Working with all types of groups

Our offer will be special made based on your request

We want to assure you to have vacation as a king. 

Our guests about us

My girlfriend and I travelled to Split, Croatia from late-summer-Finland. We had one of the earliest flights out of Vantaa, with only a few hours of sleep the previous night. Therefore our plan was to take a nap as soon as we reached the hotel and rest until the rest of our group arrived. But then we landed in Split, a tiny, tiny airport, were the hotels’ own driver was already expecting us and as soon as we stepped outside all plans of rest and sleep were gone. First of all the temperature and overall weather was amazing, secondly the drive to the hotel was a mixture of stunning landscapes and the beautiful old town of Trogir. As we found out later on, on the trip Split is just as beautiful and serene. But back to our first day, upon arriving to our hotel we were promptly showed to our room. Our lodgings were a bit spartan in terms of furnishing but other wise in superb condition. After hurriedly changing into our swimming gear we headed down to the hotels’ own beach where we found out how incredibly clear the water in Croatia is. After a few hours on the beach we headed over to the hotel for lunch and to meet up with the rest of our group, which arrived in the mean time. For dinner the whole group took a boat to Trogir where the choice of restaurants is near endless. My girlfriend and I had a platter of various local seafood specialties, which we can highly recommend. The boat ride back to the hotel was spectacular with all the lights reflecting of the still sea. The rest of our holiday was an enjoyable mixture of adventure and the quaintly original.

I've known Nenad for more than 15 years, and he has attracted me and my family for a log time to travel Croatia. I finally have booked direct flights from Helsinki to Dubrovnik and then arranged for us private accommodation from Sunnea Oy. Sunnea OY reserved for us taxi from the airport to the apartment and back. I have travelled due my work a lot around the world, but this time I got the best service ever. We were really pleased with the accommodation, location and the cleanliness of the area. I knew that the Croatian people are very friendly, hard-working, punctual and this trip confirmed my expectations. In Croatia is not a similar tourist industry as in Spain and many other places. You can meet local people, talk with them at the street, in buses and in shops. Traffic is a peaceful and safe environment around Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik area is quite compact and in a week you are able to see the most important sights. Our vacation has started with cloudy and not so hot weather, so sightseeing was very nice. The end of our holidays were sunny and we spent out time in Lapad Beach. The sea water is very clear, nice and warm. Sea urchin spikes to look out for and buy swimming shoes. The old walls of the city is worth the climb and book more hour time round. SRD had a nice view from the mountain, and the show became acquainted with Croatia and Dubrovnik's history. Thank you very much Sunnealle and Nenadille. Jouko and family